6th Annual Econ Summit Coming to Butte Sept. 16-17, Montana Standard

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The 6th Economic Development Summit will be held at Montana Tech in Butte Sept. 16-17.

Baucus on Monday said Chairman and CEO of ConocoPhillips Ryan Lance will be among a list of heavy hitters to deliver keynote addresses at this year’s event. Lance graduated from Great Falls High School and earned a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Montana Tech University. Lance previously worked for ARCO, an American oil company. He serves on the boards of both the American Petroleum Institute and the Independent Petroleum Association of America, is an advisory board member of Montana Tech and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Baucus will continue to unveil headliners at stops along the ‘Montana Solutions Jobs Tour’ planned in Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula and Butte this week.

“Time and time again we have proven that handshakes turn into deals and deals turn into jobs – that is what our Summits are all about. It’s my job to get the right investors in the door, and from there Montana businesses blow them away with all the exciting things they are doing across the state,” Baucus said. “Energy development is a huge job creator in Montana. I’m excited to welcome Montana’s-own Ryan Lance to bring all he has to offer to our mission to create Montana solutions for Montana jobs.”

Baucus’ 2010 Summit featured six energy panels, bringing Montanans together with national energy leaders such as General Electric, Horizon, and Siemens, along with power purchasers such as Pacific Gas and Electric, the administrators of Western Area Power Administration, Bonneville Power Administration and Department of Energy.

Baucus will be joined along the ‘Montana Solutions Jobs Tour’ this week by President and CEO of the Montana Chamber of Commerce Webb Brown and local Chamber members. The Montana Chamber is partnering with Baucus and businesses across the state to put on this year’s Summit.

“Montana businesses are on the cutting edge of technologies in everything ranging from cloud computing to our natural resources. With Max’s help, we’re going to get some of the biggest names in business right here in Montana to help connect our folks with the resources and investments they need to take their companies to the next level and boost jobs across the state,” Brown said.

Baucus has launched new online resources to encourage Montanans from every corner of the state to get involved with the Summit and support it’s mission: “Montana Solutions for Montana Jobs.” Montana businesses are encouraged to register and check for Summit updates:

Additional Background on Baucus Economic Development Summits:

Baucus’ Montana Economic Development Summits are considered the most highly regarded jobs-focused events in Montana. The most recent Summit in 2010 attracted more than 150 businesses and 2,500 participants and featured nearly 40 panels and breakout sessions with entrepreneurs from around the state, business leaders from around the country and ambassadors from around the world.

Baucus’ Summits feature a top-tier list of keynote speakers along with dozens of panels and breakout sessions designed to bring Montana businesses together with the biggest names in their industries:

Past headliners have included: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, along with panelists ranging from Cabinet officials like the U.S. Energy Secretary to Ambassadors from some of Montana’s largest trading partners.

Baucus’ Summits have a long track record of providing Montana businesses with the connections and resources necessary to create new good-paying jobs:

  • Following Baucus’ invitation to top GE officials to visit Montana and participate in his 2007 Economic Development Summit, GE built its Center of Excellence processing center in Billings which currently employs more than 200 workers.
  • At the 2010 Summit, GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt met the owners of SeaCast manufacturing in Butte. The resulting partnerships have helped SeaCast grow from 21 to more than 70 employees. And the latest partnership they announced in January is expected to add even more.
  • After attending the 2007 Summit, international grain exporter Bunge build two state-of-the-art, high-speed shuttle loading facilities for Montana-grown grains along the Hi-Line in in Chester and Kyntire Flats.
  • LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals of Bozeman has secured more than $28m in venture capital investments since meeting with investors at Baucus 2007 Summit.

Baucus has issued three ground rules for the Summits:

  1. Nothing is off the table. Think outside the box and do not worry if an idea seems too big, or impractical. Only by thinking big, can we succeed big.
  2. No politics. Nothing of consequence ever comes without working together. If folks cannot work together, they will not achieve the goals they have set out. Politics should not get in the way of good ideas.
  3. The private sector should drive solutions. Businesses across Big Sky Country are on the cutting edge of innovation – from alternative energy, to the medical industry, to groundbreaking technologies. While the public sector has a role in creating incentives and supporting education and infrastructure, the best ideas come from the American entrepreneur. It is those ideas that will help us create good-paying jobs here in Montana.

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