Civic Leaders Talk About Economic Issues in Great Falls

Source: KRTV

GREAT FALLS – City, county, and state leaders gathered at Great Falls International Airport on Wednesday to talk about how to solve some of the area’s biggest economic problems.

About 20 civic leaders joined U.S. Senator Max Baucus to discuss the issues during what he calls his “Montana Solutions Job Tour.”

Topics included housing, infrastructure, and growth in tourism.

The CEO of ADF Group, which is in the process of building a steel fabrication plant in Great Falls, says they will need help getting educated manpower, sufficient railway, and better airport service for their plant.

Others stressed the need for a variety of investments.

Steve Malicott, CEO of the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “I think one of the biggest things that we’re looking at is to diversify our local economy. We rely heavily on the agritech industry, being in the Golden Triangle, very heavily on our economic base in terms of military with Malmstrom Air Force Base and Montana Air National Guard, but we’re very reliant on those, we need to diversify our economy, so we’re not quite so reliant.”

Baucus is collecting these ideas to use in the seventh annual Economic Development Summit in Butte coming up in September.

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