Economic Summit to Focus on Technology

Source: CBS (KBZK) - Butte

Anchor 1: A high powered business leader comes to Butte in September. US Senator Max Baucus announced today that president and CFO of software giant Oracle, Safra Catz, will join the list of headliners for his 6th Montana Economic Development Summit that will take place in Butte September 16th and 17th.

Baucus: She is high on Montana. Going to provide many more jobs here at Oracle, previously Right Now Technologies, than they have had in the past, and she is really excited about explaining why they’re doing that.

Anchor 1: This year’s summit may be different than those in the past. MTN’s Adam bell joins us to explain how new technology may become a focal point of this year’s summit.

Anchor 2: One of the bigger topics discussed during Tuesday’s meeting was about new technology and here in Montana how big of a role that technology plays and how it can help to create new jobs right here in the treasure state.”

Alto Phonetics President: “50 years ago, one might look at a job where one might turn a particular screw one day. Now if we can have a robot turn that screw, we have a highly skilled person teach the robot, we’re able to have tools do our work for us while meanwhile we live better.”

Anchor 2: Technology has come a long way over the last several years and that’s why new technology will be a big part of US senator Max Baucus’ Economic Summit this fall.

Baucus: “new technology is critical because we are always moving forward. going forward means developing new ways and better ways more efficient ways of doing things and that generally means new and different technologies.”

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