Oracle President Coming to Job Summit

Source: ABC (KFBB) - Great Falls

Senator Max Baucus visited Bozeman as part of his “Montana Solutions Job Tour.” He announced the president of giant Oracle, Safra Catz, will be speaking at the sixth Economic Development Summit in Butte this year. Oracle is a hardware and software company based out of Bozeman that began doing business in Montana in 2011. Baucus says our state has some obstacles to overcome  but he wants to do everything to provide jobs for Montanans.

Baucus: We’ve got transportation concerns making it difficult to get in and out of Montana and we want to ease that as much as we can, on top of that they need some pretty smart people to motivate entrepreneurs and employees  to think outside of the box.

Baucus will be in the electric city tomorrow. He’s planning on making an announcement surrounding the 2013 Montana Economic Development Summit followed by a roundtable discussion on job creation at the Great Falls International Airport

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