Panel Discussions 1:00 – 2:15

Panel Discussions 2:30 – 3:45

Beyond Borders:  Using the Web to Take Your Business Global

Location: Science and Engineering 113
Description: The internet makes it easier than ever to attract and do business with customers from around the world.  Learn from experts and Montana businesses that are using the internet to attract customers and increase sales.
Moderator: Lance Trebesch, CEO/President, Ticket River and

  • Scott Levitan, Director of Small Business Engagement, Google
  • Jeff Batton, CEO, The Natural Baby Company
  • Michael Fitzgerald, Founder, Submittable

Access to Capital: Venture Capital

Location: Mining/Geology Building 204
Description: Access to capital is key to successful long-term growth and traditional bank financing is not always a viable option for young start-ups. This is where venture capital can come into play. This panel will discuss venture capital from beginning to end including successful strategies for obtaining venture capital.
Moderator: Jon Marchi, Chairman, Glacier Venture Fund

  • Nick Efstratis, Managing Director, Epic Ventures
  • Trevor Loy, General Partner, Flywheel Ventures
  • Brett Palmer, President, Small Business Investors Alliance
  • Liz Marchi, Fund Coordinator, Frontier Angel Fund

Ensuring Long-Term Success in a Family-Run Business

Location: Health Sciences Building 202
Description: Running a business is both a rewarding and challenging experience. One of the best ways to ensure security for yourself, family and employees is through thoughtful management of your resources. Hear from experts about best practices in wealth management and successful cash strategies.
Moderator: DA Davidson Representative

  • Heather Goodman, Owner, True Capital
  • Russ Piazza, President, Front Street Capital
  • Dr. Michael Braun, Associate Professor, University of Montana School of Business Administration

Freight Transportation and Economic Growth

Location: Engineering Lab/Classroom 327
Description: Montana’s transportation network is key to economic growth.  This panel will focus on ways Montana businesses can fully take advantage of freight options today, and provide a vision of a streamlined, globally-oriented transportation network of tomorrow.  In particular, panelists will discuss shipping opportunities for small and medium-sized Montana businesses.
Moderator: Mike Tooley, Director, Montana Department of Transportation

  • Steve Bobb, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, BNSF Railway
  • Kurt Kuehn, Chief Financial Officer, UPS
  • Bill Logue, President and CEO, FedEx Freight
  • Doug Black, President & COO, Oldcastle, Inc.

From the Lab to the Board Room: Taking Research to the Next Level

Location: Science and Engineering 106
Description: The session will explore approaches to strategic partnering, product and technology licensing and development, and acquisition from leading innovators in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors. In addition, the panel will include a discussion about ways in which universities and leading companies can partner to support development of start-up companies.
Moderator: Pete Pellerito, State Economic Development and University Relations, BIO

  • Dr. Tony Coyle, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, Pfizer
  • Brad Vale, Vice President, Johnson and Johnson Development Corporation
  • Dr. Mark Crowell, Executive Director, UVA Innovation
  • Dow R. Wilson, CEO, Varian Medical Services
  • Dr. Sasha Kamb, Senior Vice President of Discovery Research, Amgen

Boosting Montana’s Economy through the Great Outdoors

Location: Natural Resources Building 128
Description: Montana’s vaunted outdoor heritage is also a booming part of the economy, generating $1.5 billion in wages annually and $5.8 billion in consumer spending. This panel will consider the facets of how the great outdoors drives business, from the manufacturing sector to high-skilled labor recruitment to recreation services.
Moderator: Spencer Williams, President & CEO, West Paw Design

  • Conrad Anker, Mountaineer
  • Alex Philp, President, GCS Research
  • KC Walsh, President, Simms
  • I Ling Thompson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Outdoor Industry Association

Energy Without Borders: Delivering Energy beyond Montana

Location: Engineering Lab/Classroom 203
Description: Infrastructure that delivers energy–transmission lines, pipelines, generating stations and distribution networks–is a precondition for an expanding economy. This panel will focus on how utilities and other operators maintain and upgrade the reliability of assets that cross local, state, and international borders.
Moderator: Don Blackketter, Chancellor, Montana Tech

  • Bob Rowe, President and CEO, Northwestern Energy
  • Brad Shamla, Vice President of U.S. Operations, Enbridge Pipeline, Inc.
  • Alex Pourbaix, President of Energy and Oil Pipelines, TransCanada
  • Mark Gabriel, Administrator, Western Area Power Administration

Women at Work: Strengthening Women’s Workforce Development

Location: Mining/Geology Building 103
Description: The panel will explore the role of women in the workforce. Issues to be discussed include equal pay, worker training, innovative government programs, and integrating domestic violence survivors in the workforce.
Moderator: Mary Caferro, Executive Director, Director of The Arc MT and State Senator

  • Richard Opper, Director, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
  • Kelsen Young, Executive Director, Montana Coalition to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
  • Pam Bucy, Director, Montana Department of Labor
  • Jasyn Harrington, Executive Director, Career Training Institute

Seeing the Market for the Trees: Wood Products in Montana

Location: Natural Resources Building 122
Description: This panel will focus on the challenges and opportunities of selling wood products into a slowly recovering market amidst dramatic changes in the health of Montana’s forests at the tail end of the mountain pine beetle epidemic.
Moderator: Julia Altemus, Executive Vice President, Montana Wood Products Association

  • Dave Affleck, Associate Professor of Forest Biometrics, University of Montana
  • Dr. Gary Funk, President, Wood for Haiti
  • Tom Ray, Vice President of Northwest Resources and Manufacturing, Plum Creek
  • Dr. Tim Smith, Director, NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise, University of Minnesota
  • Mike Niccolucci, Budget Coordinator and Trust Fund Manager, USDA Forest Service

Demystifying the Department of Defense: Contracting Through the Drawdown

Location: Natural Resources Building 123
Description: The drawdown of two wars and sequestration have led to massive budget changes within the Department of Defense. Industry leaders and small businesses discuss navigating the way forward during challenging and uncertain times.
Moderator: Richard Sonju, President, Sonju Industrial Aerospace and Defense

  • Tom Spika, President, Spika Welding and Manufacturing
  • Gwendolyn Tillman, Small Business Expert, Northrop Grumman
  • Ken Hilderbrand, Supplier Diversity, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • Elana Broitman, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, Department of Defense

Revitalizing Main Street: Historic Preservation in Montana’s Historic Downtowns

Location: Student Union Building – Kelly Steward
Description: This panel will focus on investments that restore downtown and historic districts, including policies that incentivize historic preservation and catalyze growth in small and medium-sized towns.
Moderator: John Rogers, Chief Business Officer, Governor’s Office of Economic Development

  • Barbara Sidway, Trustee, National Trust Community Investment Corporation
  • Joe Kesler, CEO, First Montana Bank
  • Larry Curtis, President and Managing Partner, Winn Development
  • Randy Hafer, President and Co-owner, High Plains Architects
  • Rick Garcia, Regional Administrator, Department of Housing and Urban Development

Montana Energy Pioneers

Location: Mining and Geology 104
Description: Energy is changing. New technologies are altering long-held notions of what can be accomplished across Montana from oil fields to wind farms. This panel will focus on the innovative companies who are rethinking our energy sources and how we harness, distribute and utilize them.
Moderator: Dr. Lee Spangler, Associate Vice President of Research, Montana State University

  • Algae Aquaculture Technology
  • ViZn
  • Denbury Resources
  • Absaroka Energy
  • Flathead Electric Coop
  • Greg Kegel, MSU-N to present on Camelina
  • G2G
  • Tasei Wind
  • Accelergy
  • Dr. Lee Spangler to present on carbon sequestration
Panel Discussions 1:00 – 2:15
Panel Discussions 2:30 – 3:45